Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's talk about May

May 1st - Field Day at school
3rd - Homegroup at our house
5th - Cinco de Mayo and huge celebration at school
8th - Mother's Day Tea (tons of things to do with kids to get ready for this event!)
9th - Trinity has a birthday party
14th - Lance's Graduation from DBU with his Masters in Educational Leadership!!
16th - Brittany's (future sister-in-law) bridal shower at 10:00 am
16th - The Oaks clean-up outreach at 12:00 pm
17th - Homegroup at our house
20th - Lance's 30th Birthday!!
21st - Kindergarten Graduation 7:00 pm
21st - Premiere of So You Think You Can Dance party at my house 9:00 pm
22nd - Brittany (Horne) has a birthday
24th - Homegroup at our house
27th - Awards Day at school
29th - Last Day of School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31st - Homegroup at our house

Let's just take it one event at a time. Whew! Thank you Jesus for the strength to make it through this crazy month!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter and more........

We really had a great long Easter weekend together. We spent alot of time together as a family and that was great! The girls had 3 egg hunts over the course of the weekend and loved every one. Here we are on our way to the 2nd one. The girls were a little silly.....

Here are the girls and Trinity at the starting line waiting for the word "go"!

Sunday morning we got dressed and headed to church. I had to serve in the nursery for the first service so the girls hung out with me for a little while. I actually got a picture of them together.

After chruch, we had lunch at Grammy and Pop's house. Here's another attempt at trying to get a good picture.... They were all very pretty though.

The girls refused to do any more picture taking when we tried to get a family one. Oh well!

Lastly, I have to tell what happened last night. For about a month we have struggled with keeping Cali in her bed at night. We are constantly up and down and putting her back in her room. Last night she was in our room 7 (yes SEVEN) times. We are really determined to try and not make a habit of her getting in bed with us! She would cry and we would take her back to her room over and over again. When it became almost every hour, I was asking if she was sick or if she was hurting somewhere but she never would tell me anything so I assumed she was fine and just kept getting up. Well, this morning I was holding her and realized she had started running a low fever. I also realized that she had a bandaid over her ear. Sometime during the night, she had pulled her chair over to the stove, climbed onto the top of it, and reached into the cabinet above where I keep our bandaids and had gotten one. She then told me her ear was hurting and she thought the bandaid would help it. Oh man did my heart hurt!! She never would tell me it was hurting so I just thought she kept getting up because she didn't want to sleep in her bed. After going to the Dr. this morning, she has double ear infections that are pretty severe. Lance and I both felt so bad and even worse that she tried to make it go away with a bandaid!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

sick girl

Sorry it has been so long since I blogged last. We have just been busy and London has been sick this week. She gets congested so easily and does not like it. We have to give her regular breathing treatments when she gets like this. Fortunately, she likes to do them. She likes to hold the mask herself now and we just sing songs the whole time. Usually the whole family joins in and we have a good time. Here is the picture of her this morning......

We went to one of our favorite places to eat, Chuys, with some friends and family. My brother is dumb for ruining this picture.