Thursday, February 26, 2009


On Tuesday, I had my dad watch London for me for a little bit. When I came back to get her, this is what I found.

What's interesting is that I feel like I have seen this before........

London and Papa love those naps together. I wonder if this is going to continue as she gets older?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

random things....

Here's Cali looking so cute while we were at a friends house.

I thought this one was sweet from last night with the girls reading with daddy before bedtime. Priceless!!

This was tonight's dinner. I bet you can guess what it was..... London didn't want her picture taken, hence the crying!!

This is Cali's favorite meal. I had actually gotten home from work earlier than Lance and the girls so I had time to get it all made before they came home. (Lance had made a pit-stop at the park for a few minutes. ) When Cali came in and saw what was on the table she began thanking me over and over. It was so sweet and worth every effort! Too bad she doesn't do that everyday with what I make her to eat.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We have really had a wonderful day so far. We had a birthday party for one of the girls friends this morning. Then we headed to Old Navy and found the best deals. We bought 14 things for the girls (mostly shirts) and only spent $24. You do the math! The most I paid was $3 for a sweater for our niece Keziah!! I was on a high when I left there. Then, we ate Chick-fil-a. Yum! Came home for the girls nap (and a quick one myself!) I watched a cute love movie on lifetime while Lance went to the movies with some of his friends. When he came home he had beautiful roses and a very sweet card just for me. So sweet!! Now we are getting ready to have dinner with friends and all of our kids. Then after the girls go to bed, I have planned a nice fruit dessert with chocolate fondu.. I am so blessed to have the best husband in the world!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

God is GOOD......

Ok so we have a big praise report to share. Wednesday morning we get up and we have 1/2 inch of water in our closet and all in the garage. We knew we had a leak somewhere but wasn't sure exactly where it was coming from. We called a plumber and they tell us we need to replace our hot water heater! Yuck! So needless to say, we were sad. We were thankful because we weren't expecting to get any money back on our tax return but it turns out that we are and it would cover the cost to replace it. The only thing is that we have been planning a trip to Florida for Spring Break with my family and some friends. Plus, we also are trying to go to Georgia this summer and wanted to use part of our refund money for that as well. Anyways, we knew we had to stay positive because we have never had to replace anything in our house since we have owned it and felt very fortunate for that. So last night when we got home we had a check in the mail from an excess we paid into escrow for our house this last year and it was for half of the cost of the hot water heater!! We were so excited and know that it was a blessing. What are the odds that we would get it the exact same day that we had paid so much for something!! So, we should still be able to go on both our trips that we had wanted now. GOD IS GOOD!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My sweetie...

At my MOPS group on Friday, we all made these candy bouquets for our husbands. I think it turned out pretty cute. Lance and the girls loved eating it! Just thought I would share a picture of it.

Also, yesterday, Lance and I took off from work to spend the whole day together. We did it this way so that we didn't have to pay an extra day to our sitter. Anyways, we went to breakfast at Breadwinner's in Dallas. It was so good. Lance had breakfast tacos and I had banana bread french toast. YUM! They also have some of the best coffee. Then, we headed to the Allen Outlets for some shopping. We ended up only buying the girls some clothes. Across the street from the Outlets is a TJ Maxx so we went there. Then Lance got obsessed with finding an olympic shirt and made us go to another TJ Maxx to see if they had it in his size. (They didn't!) We were pretty hungry after digging through racks and racks of clothes so we went to this local hamburger place called The Hamburger House. It was good food and a cozy environment. Lastly we headed to Cedar Hill for more shopping. We still just found more clothes for the girls. It is so hard to pass up the cutest spring outfits for only $5 each!! We got the girls matching ones. When they wear them I will have to post a picture. It was a nice day. We decided we would rather give eachother some time together any day over presents. So, Happy early Valentines babe!!!! It was a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crazy days....

Man these last two weekends have been so crazy! I had three showers and parties last weekend and then my mom, my sister and I went to Houston this weekend for a Kindergarten conference. We left Friday after school and got back late Saturday night. I worked in the nursery at church Sunday morning and then went to the store to get things for our Super Bowl party. We to that at 5:30 then back home by 9:00 to put girls to bed and get ready for work the next day. Then yesterday at school was our 100th day so lots of fun things going on. I really didn't sit more than 3 min. all day. I was so tired last night and so glad that I have off til Thursday. Okay well that is it. I will post something more interesting later this week.