Monday, August 24, 2009

Coming to an end.....

Hello friends and family. I just wanted to let you know that I probably won't be blogging anymore. We are trying to update our facebook account more frequently and I don't have time to do it with our blog too. With my new 2nd grade teaching position, it has just taken up alot more of my time. Please continue to read on our facebook and see current pictures and stuff. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some random and then the wedding..

So much has happened these past few weeks so I will keep it brief and just highlight a few things. First, London got into some lipstick of mine and chose to paint her face with it. Silly girl!!
This is just one Sunday morning and the girls were in good moods so I thought I would try and get some pictures in. They really do love eachother.

Of course they love their daddy too!!

And mommy!!

Here's our Pops with 3 of his angels....

Lastly, my little brother got married on Saturday. It really was beautiful. He has a gorgeous new bride they we all love very much. Here's just a few pictures from that day. I hope to post more later...

Monday, June 15, 2009

A party, a bounce house, birdhouses, a dance recital, and a big girl bed...

We start off with a birthday party for London on Thursday night. A storm knocked out our power for almost 24 hours so we had to quickly move her party to Lance's parents house.
Our wonderful friends let us borrow their bounce house!!
Our sweet girl eating her brownie sundae!!

Pandamonium started when we began the gift-opening portion!!

Here's London in her new swim suit.

While I was working the Rascal Flatts concert Saturday, Lance took the girls, Dylan and Trinity to a birthday party where they got these bird houses. After getting back home they painted them!!

On Sunday, we went to Trinity's dance recital. She was fantastic! I think I teared up twice from being so proud of her. Great job Trinity!! Now Cali is an aspiring dancer!!

Last but not least, we moved London into her big girl bed. She was very excited and stayed in it for her nap. (We were worried!!) Here she is with it. Sorry it is a blurry picture, but she only let me do it once and wouldn't come back for a better shot. (Thanks to the Cunningham's for giving us this adorable toddler bed!!!)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My baby is 2!!

Malery London Bray. Born at 11:27 am weighing 8 lbs and 5 ozs on June 10th, 2007. Perfect in every way!!
Silly sisters.
1st birthday

2nd birthday. I made dinner and had a little chocolate cake for her today. Stay tuned for pictures from her actual brownie sundae party tomorrow!!

We love you London!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flower girl....

The girls and I were in Lubbock this last weekend to go to my cousins wedding. Cali was the flower girl and really loved getting alot of attention. Here's London on the way there. Just chillin'!
Here's Cali in her dress all ready to go. You can't tell in this picture but I had actually curled all her hair. She was so pretty!

Here's both flower girls together. Cali and Jayden.

After many times, we finally got a good one of both of us.

Here's London playing with Kelton and Jayden on the boys bunkbed. She kept getting up there and then yelling for help down. It was cute.

It really was a great trip. Cali got great practice for my brother's wedding in a few weeks! Well, maybe minus the speeding ticket I got on the way home. Bummer!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cookouts and more cookouts!!!

We had 2 cookouts that we went to on Saturday. So fun! Being outside for the whole day was a little tiring but the girls loved it. We went to a friends house that used to be in out homegroup a few years ago. They have huge trees that shaded their entire yard!! (So jealous) It was great food too.
Then we went to our second cookout for my MOPS group. It was a lot of fun as well. They had lots of bounce houses so the girls really got a work out. We kept my niece, Keziah, for the evening so she tagged along with us. Really good Saturday.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Last day of school!!!

I am super-pumped for the last day of school! I little sad because I wont be going back to Kindergarten and a little scarey to learn a new grade. But exciting too! I am glad I will get to be home with my girls for the next two months! We have lots planned. Well, I am off to drink a little coffee and get the girls dressed for the sitters.