Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some random and then the wedding..

So much has happened these past few weeks so I will keep it brief and just highlight a few things. First, London got into some lipstick of mine and chose to paint her face with it. Silly girl!!
This is just one Sunday morning and the girls were in good moods so I thought I would try and get some pictures in. They really do love eachother.

Of course they love their daddy too!!

And mommy!!

Here's our Pops with 3 of his angels....

Lastly, my little brother got married on Saturday. It really was beautiful. He has a gorgeous new bride they we all love very much. Here's just a few pictures from that day. I hope to post more later...

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Jennifer said...

Those dresses look so much like the ones Daisy & Hazel had for Misty's and your wedding! We still have them in the dress up clothes somewhere around here :)
The girls look beautiful! Sorry I don't comment much but I do subscribe so I never miss a post. And I have a new box of clothes started to give you guys next time we get a chance!