Monday, June 15, 2009

A party, a bounce house, birdhouses, a dance recital, and a big girl bed...

We start off with a birthday party for London on Thursday night. A storm knocked out our power for almost 24 hours so we had to quickly move her party to Lance's parents house.
Our wonderful friends let us borrow their bounce house!!
Our sweet girl eating her brownie sundae!!

Pandamonium started when we began the gift-opening portion!!

Here's London in her new swim suit.

While I was working the Rascal Flatts concert Saturday, Lance took the girls, Dylan and Trinity to a birthday party where they got these bird houses. After getting back home they painted them!!

On Sunday, we went to Trinity's dance recital. She was fantastic! I think I teared up twice from being so proud of her. Great job Trinity!! Now Cali is an aspiring dancer!!

Last but not least, we moved London into her big girl bed. She was very excited and stayed in it for her nap. (We were worried!!) Here she is with it. Sorry it is a blurry picture, but she only let me do it once and wouldn't come back for a better shot. (Thanks to the Cunningham's for giving us this adorable toddler bed!!!)

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The Bray Family said...

I am sad that we missed London's party :( Looks like you guys had fun!
The kids had so much fun at your house on Saturday and were very proud of their bird houses. Good job uncle Lance! (But we all know that Monika had the hardest job as it was 95 degrees that day!)
Thank you soo much for coming to Trinity's recital. I cannot wait to go to some of Cali's! Monika, we can run up and down the stairs together for costume changes!

Touch of Grace Photography said...

I like your comment blurb at the bottom... I do read it all the time in my outlook, I am just bad about commenting... I cannot believe your girls are SO big. Wow, time flies. It was so good to see you the other night. Dinner was fun. I miss everyone already. Love you!!

Pops and Grammy said...

Sorry we missed London's birthday party... It looked like a lot of fun... She's two's happen way too fast! She's our Angel! LYT!